Christmas Sermon


Please join us on the San Francisco green at 8PM on December 24th for our annual Christmas sermon.

We are opening up our sermon to absolutely anyone, whether they are Baptist or not.

During the time we celebrate the Lord, it’s important that we remember why we were all placed on this Earth.

We hope to see everyone there!

Praying for Justice


Our hearts go out to all of the victims of the Paris shootings.

It’s absolutely deplorable what those terrorists did to all of those innocent people.

We have been hearing a lot of talk lately that religion is to blame. We want to vehemently refute that claim.

There are people who manipulate the text of the Lord in order to do their own bidding.

I tell you, it’s not the word of the Lord that’s causing people to act inappropriately and violently, it’s the sinned will of man.

During this time, we please ask everyone to pray for those that lost their lives and were injured in the Paris shootings.

May God have mercy on their souls.

Helping the Animals


As anyone who has been to San Francisco lately knows, there are a plethora of animals roaming the streets.

Typically domesticated animals such as cats and dogs have been roaming freely, without a home to go to.

Unfortunately, shelters have been finding it difficult to find homes for all of the captured animals. This has resulted in many dogs and cats being euthanized.

God would never have wanted this.

As a result, we have reached out to several businesses in order to gain help in combating this euthanasia problem.

So far, we have Joe from Best Dog Crates and Beds donating some dog crates, Tommy from Purina donating some dog food, and Randy from Nylabone donating some dog toys.

We are still accepting donations – money, time, or dog products.

Please, we all need to work together in order to combat this problem.

Let’s band together to ensure that not another dog dies.

Helping the Homeless

The homeless are often seen as a burden in our area. People find them to be quite pervasive and rising in numbers.

Did you know that California even ships homeless out to Nevada?

This is truly a travesty.

We see them as the Lord sees them – as people.

We held a community event last week in which we went to several of the homeless villages. We fed them, clothed them, and listened to them.

We did exactly what Jesus would have done.

This greatly aligns with our mission of bringing some good back to this world.

We hope that others will join our cause in the future.

Check out some of the pictures below:feeding homeless 3

feeding homelessfeeding homeless 2