Dogs Are Still In Need!

We had helped the animals several months ago and had a profound impact on our animal community. However, the time has come again where we need to rise to the challenge!

There are many, many dogs wandering the streets. These dogs need homes. They are gentle, loving creatures that need a forever home.

Our mayor seems to think that they should all be euthanized – they don’t look good enough on our streets.

We strongly disagree.

Our shelters need our help!

We are asking for donations of dog crates. Joe had donated some several months ago, but he is unable to do so now. We are in need of the following:

  • 24 inch dog crates
  • 30 inch dog crates
  • 42 inch dog crates
  • dog crates for large dogs
  • metal dog cages
  • large pet crates
  • dog crates for small dogs

Really, any dog crate will do! All we ask is that the dog crate that you purchase and donate be a highly rated folding dog crate. Our animals shelters are going to need to store these dog crates when dog levels subside. We don’t want them to throw out these wonderful dog crates afterwards. Having a folding dog crate lets the dog shelters fold them away and store them.

Also – we do have a preference for metal dog crates. These are much harder for the dogs to chew through. Unfortunately a lot of these dogs come from broken homes or no homes at all and have no crate training. While we are going to crate train these dogs, we don’t want them ruining our dog crates during the process.

Thank you all in advance for your help in this dog crate drive. Joe wishes that he could have participated again by donating some great dog crates, but he’s financially unable to.

God bless you all!