Helping the Animals

As anyone who has been to San Francisco lately knows, there are a plethora of animals roaming the streets.

Typically domesticated animals such as cats and dogs have been roaming freely, without a home to go to.

Unfortunately, shelters have been finding it difficult to find homes for all of the captured animals. This has resulted in many dogs and cats being euthanized.

God would never have wanted this.

As a result, we have reached out to several businesses in order to gain help in combating this euthanasia problem.

So far, we have Joe from Best Dog Crates and Beds donating some dog crates, Tommy from Purina donating some dog food, and Randy from Nylabone donating some dog toys.

We are still accepting donations – money, time, or dog products.

Please, we all need to work together in order to combat this problem.

Let’s band together to ensure that not another dog dies.